Phaeton Class Song


Hey, look us over, best class of all

We are the Phaetons, mighty proud are we,

Lavender and charcoal, are our colors grand

With courage and strength and pride and joy,


   We will always stand,

We are the Phaetons, summer sixty-two 

We can bear the hard luck and always carry through


  We’re proud of our colors, our class, our name


And we will always be


Mighty Phaetons, Franklin High



Franklin Alma Mater

Franklin, all hail to thee.
Praises we sing.
Our love and our loyalty
To thee we bring.
Friendship has been thy gift
With laughter and tears.
With rainbow memories carried
Through the shining years.

Strength thou has taught us,

Wisdom and truth,
Good cheer and glad hearts

in the days of thy youth.

Now in our song we lift

Thy praises to the sky.

Hail, hail to thee now and always!

Hail, Franklin High!




On For Franklin! On For Franklin!

Fight With Might and Mane

Every Man In His Position

Helps To Win The Game. Rah! Rah! Rah!


On For Franklin! On For Franklin!

Strength and Courage Gain

That's the Way Boys; That's the Play, Boys.

Now Score Again!